Canterbury Acupuncture


" I generally visit every 2 months or so - I always feel 'alive' after our sessions. It's difficult to make the time to attend, but always worthwhile. Pippa is attentive, professional and caring. Give it a go - I recommend it!"
J.C. Chartham

"I have found Dominic to be a collaborative practitioner; both engaging and sympathetic with treatment for a skin yeast infection and (separately) the eternal hot flushes which seem to plague women of a certain age. I used both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for great relief from the symptoms, feeling valued as both a client and a human being. It is always reassuring to find someone who is and does what is advertised! I have great pleasure in sincerely recommending him."
Academic project manager, Canterbury

"Chronic pain from my arthritis hurts much less; I need fewer pain killers now. This time of the year (autumn) it's normally bad - it's 10 times better now. An all round physical and mental improvement with every session."
P.R. (56) Canterbury

"Acupuncture really helps me a lot; it works! It makes me feel relaxed and helps with stress."
T.P. (43) Canterbury

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Where we practice

We practice in Canterbury and Whitstable

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