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Is it safe?

Most Chinese medicinal herbs have been in common use for centuries, during which time safe dosage ranges and preparation methods have been carefully developed and specified. Thanks to this background, CHM, when practised properly, has a very impressive safety record and one which compares very favourably with western pharmaceutical drugs.

However, ‘natural’ does not in itself mean safe, so it is essential that your practitioner is properly trained and registered. Ease of communication is also very important. Your practitioner should provide you with written instructions about how and when to take the herbs, and a contact number to call should you have any questions about the herbs or the treatment.

As a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM), I am covered by professional insurance and comply with UK laws which have banned the use of certain toxic herbal ingredients and those from endangered species. As I see it, herb quality is of paramount importance for both the safety and efficacy of herbal treatment, so I go to great lengths to seek out and source the best quality herbs available.