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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is part of an ancient system of healing – known as traditional Chinese medicine – which has been practised in the East for thousands of years. The earliest surviving texts date back to the 3rd Century BC, making it the oldest continuous recorded medical system in the world, and one which has been developed and refined over the centuries, with proven effectiveness in maintaining health and treating illness.

In the West, acupuncture is the best known and most widely used form of traditional Chinese medicine. In the East, however, it is herbal medicine which forms the mainstay of traditional treatment, retaining a strong presence in health provision in modern China where it is practised alongside western medicine in hospitals throughout the country in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.

More recently, CHM has become increasingly popular in the West and its use has expanded rapidly in the UK since the 1980s. It can be used alongside conventional medicine and/or in support of other complimentary therapies.